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Capilano Office is a Coworking and Private Office Community for Entrepreneurs, Architects, Designers, Strategists, Specialists, Freelancers and more.

At Capilano Office Space, we foster a productive, cohesive environment so that entrepreneurs, freelancers, and artists alike can fulfill their professional and creative needs. Located near the heart of Edmonton, on the corner of 79 Street and 106 Avenue, our coworking space makes it easy for like-minded individuals to gather in one place. Our community is comprised of inspired individuals, allowing you to work and create unapologetically. In essence, we’re a team of passionate people who seek to help you optimize your performance.

With our private offices and office suites, we aim to help your business thrive. At Capilano Office Space, we’re a home for innovation and collaboration, giving you the platform you need to elevate your company. Best of all, we’ve cultivated a diverse community, which makes for an intriguing and dynamic atmosphere. Alongside your peers, you can take your business to new heights while drawing inspiration from others. Don’t settle for a drab, uninspired work environment. When you opt for our co-working spaces, you make your professional moments matter.

When creating Capilano Office Space, our goal was to give motivated individuals the opportunity to flourish. Fortunately, we’ve done just that with our unique office spaces and flexible renting options. Whether you’re starting a new business venture or growing your existing company, allow our resources to help. Not only do you receive convenient perks, but you also gain access to a friendly, inviting community.

Above all else, we’re a client-driven company. With that said, we offer several amenities. From free parking and mailing services to boardroom equipment and alarmed security, we pull out all the stops for our renters. In addition to these benefits, Edmonton residents also prefer us for our affordable rates. To see what else Capilano Office Space has to offer, book a tour with us today.

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